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The Investor Coaching Series consists of a continuous education process via group sessions every 3-4 months.  The sessions are held in a restaurant or at our facilities.  In each session, we present a topic related to helping you answer yes to one or more of the 20 must-answer questions for your journey toward peace of mind.

Sample Investor Coaching Series Topics:

  • Separating Myths from Truths – The History of Investing
    • What are the myths of investing? Many of the mistakes that investors make are due to the fact that most of the information they receive about investing is marketing in disguise. Do you ever wonder why everyone seems to have a different opinion on how you should invest your money? Do you ever wonder why an investment that you bought didn’t do as well as you had expected? Find out how the investment world really works in this first step to conscious investing.
  • Examining Your Expectations
    • Begin to understand the relationship between expectations and results and you will see that it is crucial to your peace of mind about investing. No matter what it is in life, your expectations are the deciding factor in how you feel about the outcome.
  • Discovering Your True Purpose for Money
    • True Purpose for Money is the crucial first step that paves the way for long-lasting satisfaction and fulfillment about financial decisions. In this workshop, we will help you identify those things that are more important than money itself. The answers to some key questions will help you identify the values that will serve as your compass for your financial decisions. Find out how you’ve been trapped in the Investors’ Dilemma, and then reveal your own True Purpose for Money.
  • Choosing Your Investing Philosophy
    • A solid, well-understood investment philosophy provides a stable foundation upon which to base future decisions. Once you have an investment philosophy, it will simplify every decision you will ever have to make about investing. This is one of the most important – but usually overlooked – aspects of investing.
  • Defeating Your Money Demons
    • Locked within each of us are deeply rooted belief systems about money and what it means. In many ways, we are the sum-total of our beliefs. When you bring your Money Demons to the level of awareness, you can defeat them and create new beliefs that lead to different actions and outcomes.
  • Conscious Investing for Peace of Mind
    • This necessary component is a fun introduction to all of the concepts in the Investor Coaching Series and offers the opportunity to better understand what we call “the human side of investing.” Take the Conscious Investor Quiz, learn the Conscious Investor Formula, and begin to ask the “right” questions about investing.
  • Focusing on Your Future View
    • Deliberately reveal what is most important so you can clearly focus on making your dreams come true. You will shed new light on what it is you want money to accomplish. In this way, you re-define your own investment “success.”
  • Understanding the Dimensions of Risk and Return
    • The terms “risk” and “return” have different meanings to different people. It’s easy to get confused. Understanding the Dimensions of Risk and Return clarifies these frequently talked about, yet rarely understood, concepts of investing.
  • Customizing Your Life-Long Game Plan
    • This session walks you and your financial coach through a clear process so you can integrate and customize all of the personal information you have revealed throughout the Investor Coaching Series. Your Lifelong Gameplan is a comprehensive, cohesive document that merges both the coaching and financial components of your investing future.

Other Investor Coaching Series Topics:

  • Is Diversification Dead?
  • Active/Passive/Structured Investments
  • Think You Can Time the Market?
  • Real Solutions to Bear Markets
  • Forecast Free Investing
  • After the Crash
  • Is It the Right Time to Panic?
  • The Investment Vortex
  • Putting Risk to Work for You
  • The Grand Enigma of Investing
  • You Tell Me
  • The Reality Worksheet
  • Rebalancing
  • The Sky is Falling – Not
  • The History of Investing
  • Save the Investor, Save the World
  • The Costs of Investing
  • Critical Mindset for Harnessing the Power of Free Markets
  • The Origin of Wealth
  • Getting Income from Your Portfolio
  • Structuring Your Portfolio
  • The Integrity Principle
  • The Cost of Capital
  • Retirement Accounts
  • It’s Science
  • Black Swans and Golden Eggs
  • This Time It’s Different
  • Busting Bubbles
  • The Real Dimensions of Return
  • Love the Bear
  • Frontier Adjusted Portfolios
  • The Free Market Continuum
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